We want you to be happy with your purchase, however, sometimes things do happen that may be out of our control.

If there are any sprues missing from the kit box or parts that may be defective, malformed, damaged or cracked beyond repair, then please refer to our service notes.
Please use Application Procedures parts A:
  1. If you are a customer, please make your first enquiry with the store where the model kit was first purchased. There may be stock which can be used to replace these items. This will be much faster and simpler for you.
  2. If you are a company or retail outlet, please supply the damaged parts and damaged parts together with a photograph of the item, the bill of sale or purchase invoice to FMK.
  3. Please refer to section “B. Product questions and customer service,”
         E-mail: freedommodelkits@hotmail.com

After receiving your support message, we will return a confirmation EMAIL to you.
Then please send this information and confirm with the complainant that we will, of course, arrange to send replacements part(s) by registered post to you as soon as possible.


If you have purchased our products and notice an open sprue bag or find any parts missing or malformed then please let us know. However, we cannot accept the return of just individual parts rather, we can only deal with the entire sprue so please make necessary notes and make reference to the sprue(s) not part(s) affected.
  1. If you purchased the kit from a local hobby shop then please make your enquiry there first. The shop will contact us and request reimbursement for the kit. FMK will send them a new kit to replace their stock so this makes life easier for you and this is our main goal. You will need to take the whole kit back to them for replacement not just the affected sprue(s).
  2. Online shopping / mail-order customers, please make your representations to them first. We will arrange to reimburse the retail outlet ourselves in their usual restocking schedule.
  3. If you wish to apply for the purchase supplementary parts, then please email us directly:
    E-mail : freedommodelkits@hotmail.com
    After we receive your contact email, we will send you confirmation with a quote for the part(s) requested together with freight quote and other relevant information for you.
    After payment, please inform us of your shipping address and other contact information. We will arrange to send by registered post as soon as practicable .
  • Shipping: Registered airmail only
  • Expenses:  Quotes in US Dollars


  • Kit purchase at checkout , Please store out of the box sides face to face detailed inspections For questions, please entity store replaced immediately.
  • Online shopping / mail-order customer receives the goods ,The kit has a problem , Please do not hesitate inquiry the original place of purchase
    You can apply on behalf of or disposal .
  • Decals and soft plastic part Please save, such as not making use of the time , Material changes caused embrittlement,
    B. parts please use purchase.
  • Application / purchase parts , We have to be expected when the stock , In order to apply, as no stock parts , Sorry can not service.

Payment by PAYPAL or Alipay

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